Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Management Services

ESI secures and maintains compliance with local, state and federal environmental and public health regulations. ESI staff are proficient in the federal, state, and local codes and regulations and have assisted clients in preparing permits and license applications; interfaced with regulators on behalf of clients in regulatory matters and disputes; and provided expert testimony and litigation support during adjudicatory processes.
  • Maintaining a proficiency in both existing and proposed regulations.
  • Continually assessing a facility's status to ensure proper compliance.
  • Implementing modifications and systematic changes to eliminate the need for permit renewals and licenses.

SPCC Plans

Federal regulations require the preparation and implementation of a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan for facilities that store petroleum products likely to be discharged into surface or groundwater in the event of a release. ESI has prepared SPCC plans for many facilities and has assisted clients in redesigning facilities and training staff to minimize the likelihood of a costly petroleum or chemical release. Specific SPCC projects include:
  • SPCC plan at major urban medical facility (1.5 million square feet with 37 aboveground and underground storage tanks), including the preparation of standard operating procedures for petroleum products handling, spill response procedures and facility modification for spill prevention.

  • SPCC Plans, as well as Installation Spill Contingency Plans, for four Army National Guard facilities. Assessed each facility's total petroleum bulk storage and hazardous materials inventories and determined site compliance. Provided guidance on necessary modifications and provided protocols for petroleum and hazardous materials management and spill response procedures.

  • Indoor SPCC plans for multi-site medical facility in New York City Watershed. Specified recommended spill containment, proposed emergency response activities, and secured federal and local agency approvals.

Petroleum Bulk Storage Compliance Services

ESI has conducted hundreds of investigations involving the delineation, remediation, and/or closure of sites containing petroleum and/or chemical bulk storage facilities. Staff expertise in geology, biology, toxicology, hydrogeology, and regulatory affairs is used in assessing chemical/petroleum impacts to soil, groundwater and air resources so that appropriate, cost-effective remediation can be implemented. ESI has assessed facilities with a combined capacity as large as 7.6 million-gallons. ESI is licensed by the NJDEP to conduct subsurface evaluations for hydrocarbon contamination associated with underground storage tanks.
  • Assessment of compliance of approximately 50 petroleum bulk storage facilities owned and/or operated by a county public works department, including an assessment of regulatory compliance, product handling, transport, utilization, and site conditions.

  • Expert testimony and litigation support to legal counsel on issues relating to both federal and state petroleum bulk storage tank regulations (including MOSF regulations), spill containment requirements, permeability, and other relevant environmental conditions and issues related to petroleum storage at industrial facilities.
    Expert testimony and litigation support on several petroleum and chemical spills at industrial, commercial and residential sites.

Pollution Prevention Plans

Pro-active assessments of institutional, commercial and industrial facilities by ESI have yielded significant economic savings to clients. Through comprehensive analyses, ESI has identified cost-saving opportunities using alternative production processes, more efficient material handling practices, on-site waste treatment, and on-site resource recovery.
  • Assessment of a 2,000-acre military facility that resulted in recommended actions to realize significant economic savings in hazardous waste handling and disposal and petroleum product usage.

  • Assessment of National Guard support facility, resulting in recommended changes in petroleum product usage and material procurement.

NEPA, SEQR and CEQR Services

ESI provides general and technical environmental consulting services necessary for the preparation of Federal - National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), State - State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR), and Local - City Environmental Quality Review Act (CEQR) environmental assessments. ESI provides both the expertise to prepare documents and the administrative skills to secure all necessary reviewing agency approvals.