Petroleum Bulk Storage Compliance Services

ESI has conducted hundreds of investigations involving the delineation, remediation, and/or closure of sites containing petroleum and/or chemical bulk storage facilities. Staff expertise in geology, biology, toxicology, hydrogeology, and regulatory affairs is used in assessing chemical/petroleum impacts to soil, groundwater and air resources so that appropriate, cost-effective remediation can be implemented. ESI has assessed facilities with a combined capacity as large as 7.6 million-gallons. ESI is licensed by the NJDEP to conduct subsurface evaluations for hydrocarbon contamination associated with underground storage tanks.
  • Assessment of compliance of approximately 50 petroleum bulk storage facilities owned and/or operated by a county public works department, including an assessment of regulatory compliance, product handling, transport, utilization, and site conditions.

  • Expert testimony and litigation support to legal counsel on issues relating to both federal and state petroleum bulk storage tank regulations (including MOSF regulations), spill containment requirements, permeability, and other relevant environmental conditions and issues related to petroleum storage at industrial facilities.
    Expert testimony and litigation support on several petroleum and chemical spills at industrial, commercial and residential sites.