Environmental Remediation Services

ESI provides innovative and cost-effective services to remediate contaminated sites.  The staff is experienced in the design and implementation of a wide range of remedial options for soil and groundwater contamination from both organic and inorganic compounds. 


Remedial options selected by ESI meet several criteria:


·                     Remediation must be justified based on a thorough understanding of a site’s environmental conditions, an assessment of risk to human health and the environment, and a reasonable determination of future usage.


·                     Remediation must be determined to be the most cost-effective approach to the resolution of on-site environmental conditions.


·                     Remediation must have specific objectives that are measurable and remedial progress must be capable of being accurately documented so that site closure can be achieved.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments is an integral component of proper site restoration, and ESI performs the following risk assessments to achieve initial determination of the need for remedial actions, as well as to set appropriate site-specific clean-up levels.  Examples of Risk Assessment projects include:


·                     Assessment of heavy metal-contaminated site, documenting stability of the elements within the soil column and the localization (both lateral and vertical) of contaminated soil.  Secured state agency approvals to leave soils on-site with no active remedial actions. Prepared monitoring plan and materials management plans for future handling of metal-containing wastes.


·                     Assessment of hydrocarbon-contaminated site in Irvington, New Jersey, documenting the absence of down-gradient receptors, the presence of soil and groundwater conditions that would accelerate natural attenuation, and the lack of significant off-site contaminant migration.  Analyses conducted by the office were instrumental in justifying no further action and regulatory agency file closure.